Weekly Video Round^

What up gud ppl! So here I am hitting you up with this weeks latest or nicest videos and mu-schick.

Also we’ve recently had two new staff additions to the Donuts Army. Checkin’ in first is resident musical wunderkind Ryan Octoba aka The Ock aka O.C.T. What up Ryan?

"I told ya'll I was cookin' up classics! Ooh I like this single ~Traaaiiin Wreeeeck~"

And second we got on board the kid prodigy, might look dodgy but always aims logically: Cam Tha ShoKk aka The Lightning White Boy. Dude’s dope and so we got him in, ’nuff sed.


Welcome them lovingly or hate them relentlessly.

Vids+Music Round^

The Roots – Hot I Got Over *NOTE: Album in stores now!

Asher Roth – Toni Braxton

Uffie – ADD SUV (feat. Pharrell Williams) *NOTE: Uffie will be performing at Parklife Festival, AUS this year.

And lastly Marky Ronsoooon. Love this dude, gotta go over a Ronson beat soon. P.S. Did NOT know he could speak Japaneon:

Coolest Find

Building of the Freedom Gundam based on the die-cast model, this juan is made entirely our of paper. Holeee F*CK!

P.S. got out the studio with killa chinchilla (Cam) yesterday ‘n I gotta say for a fact ERiC and DJ One Way got some hot issshhh coming your way. No cheap shillin, I’m on my Bob Dylan. PEACE (|-_-|)

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