The Revolver Roundtable, Ep. 1: Politics Schmolitics

Welcome holistic cattle of the impending slaughter… I mean friends, family and loyal followers.

So over the last few weeks we’ve been having some shenanigans occurring in good ‘ole Parliament Haus. Apparently Kevin “K-Rudey-eatin-blowfish-sushi” Rudd is no longer our Prime Minister (to international watchers this means the guy who runs s***). As a citizen of this country and useless rambling veteran I have to say this is an outrage, similar to the Wolverine film which I know some of you liked >.>

"Hey kids, wanna see a neat party trick? I promise it'll be better than my sweet movie."

So long story short, from what I gather herein the situation Kevo was kind of nervous, some would say paranoid about the loyalty of his party, considering that many had been questioning the effectiveness of his policies which were no longer being considered innovative.

A graph relative to how many people care about Kevo's f*** ups on Twitter

Julian Gillard, his deputy and top friend on Facebook, was one of the prime suspects…

Who wants to be Australia's first chemically enhanced bio-weapon?

Gillard gets wind of this whole sche-bang via snitches-anonymous (*cough* Alister Jordan), the majority of the Australian Labour Party folded in support of the now-lady-PM and BOOM! Next thing you know Rudd is cut from the Facebook friends, angry tweets galore, then when he is chillin’ at his PO Box Mansion in good old maroon territory, Labour “Hassassins” storm the place:

"You Manolo'd me Gillard! Hu Jintao GET THE YAYO!!!"

What does this mean for us? Lord knows. But the most important thing is that the first female PM Gillard believes it is more important that we acknowledge she is the first ever red-headed Prime Minister… yeah, go stick that in your pipe and smoke it Pauline Hanson.

But seriously, regardless of his missteps it’s important to realise that the ’07 Heaven is, like the rest of us, only human. The ideology of Politics is that it is a group effort (a structural nightmare of human co-operation) and so if you dislike Rudd it seems logical that the entire paradigm of Politics should be of a collective focus of your arguments or of no interest to you in general (DO NOT WHINGE ABOUT YOUR TAXES). Also how could yo hate on that adorable smile? It’s the Milky Bar Kid for Joeben’s SAKE!!!

Anyways that’s all from me folks, stay tuned if you wanna see Leesey’s massive cock.

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