My World 1.0 AKA Check out ma’ d!ck

Oi! Ladies/gents,

There’s a very simple reason for this post, and that’s to showcase my most loved and prized posession.
May I please present to you all…

ma’ dick (cue Micky Avalon)

Despite the fact I am clearly a woman I seem to have developed a fascination with the male genitalia (and not in the way most good for nothing whores do), here’s a few of my finest moments:

Washing mickey revolvers sweet mate steve at Cabra carwash…spreading the love with my gianormous godzilla size peniiiisssss….yeah u bitchez want some o dat!
“hey man…take a picture of me fucking this giant mango” If u’s faggots wanna go anywhere that’s friggin sick for a holiday- go Phils…where else you gonna find this kind of action on the street…screw Thailand and it’s ladyboy whores…theres sweet juicy mangoes to be had…beachside baby…seriously but…all jokes aside…the phils is pretty much where I plan to move when I get rich…via my dick

*Side note: Micky Revolver… currently singing nickelback version 2.fuckedupcrackaddictmolestingacat… keep at it man.

what else is there to do in Berry than take advantage of an unsuspecting plastic cow…hey…you put it out there…u gotta expect someones gonna take u up on it eventually…..p.s- u want somewhere to retire- hit this place up…not only does it have an IGA instead of a woolworths, but the butcher closes at midday and they sell the frikkin sickest sourdough on the planet…no homo

I had fried rice for breakfast.
That’s not breakfast, that’s called you having a fxcking brain tumour.

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