Renegade Revisted *GOOZLES*

Eminem. Jay-Z.
Marshall Mathers. Shawn Carter.

At this point I could leave it at “nuff sed”, seriously. But I wanna be nice and give you a bit of background on these videos here. Essentially if you’re a fan of these two megastars, hip-hop or good music in general then coppin’ the videos of these jizzworthy perfomances are for you. After both having released albums within the last year (Eminem actually did two I believe) both artists are doing a mutual shindig in their respective home towns with one dude opening for the other one’s act. Simply put this is A-F***KING-MAZING! To draw a comparison by instance, imagine if Jesus Christ was preaching in Bethlehem with Moses opening for him and then vice versa in Egypt. YUP!

Check ’em (Jay) on Letterman first:

Performing the seminal classic cut that made both of them famous (and incidentally NaS) for one reason or another:

Check 2DopeBoyz for facebook footage of their other two performances. Peace! xO (|-_-|)


Facebook links:
Jay-Z – On To The Next One
Eminem – Not Afraid

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