Props to 3Pac but happy birthday to the real one

Yo so today the world is celebrating the 39th birthday of hip-hop/musical artist, revolutionary and social icon Tupac Shakur. This is Shakur’s 16th posthumous birthday and in rememberance of his life I give you 3 of my favourite picks from his extensive discography. R.I.P. Tupac “2Pac” Shakur.

3. Countdown styles with my third fav being this cut:

2. How can you not love this track? I mean it made it into the Vatican’s playlist ffs! Sampling some awesomeness from Sting & The Police:

1. And my #1 favourites. That’s right it’s a tie! Ok firstly this is mad biased but I honestly believe no one spoke love for their mother better than The Don Kulluminati. R.I.P.

And lastly, in terms of everything Tupac stood for (brutal honesty, punchlines, social consciousness, political awareness and tha WEST COAST!) I think no other song in his catalogue exemplifies this better than the aptly titled “Rebel of the Underground. “They just can’t stand…”

Did you cop him saying “aftermath”, Dre totally sidelined that for his label name LOL.

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