T(N)asty Bites = NO MORE!

Tasty Bites was blown to BITSSS!!! *cue DJ Khaled – Victory*

Quick history lesson: the establishment on UNSW main campus called Tasty Bites was forever destroyed and along with it a rich legacy of chatt foot. I am by far and wide no food snob, I mean props to them, they had chicken ‘n corn rolls! But seriously I had a foccacia there once and FUCK THAT!..


Pumpkin, really? REALLY?? Let’s go to celebrity guest tonight WWE’s Mike “The Miz” Mizanin on this one, Mikey?


I still luv ya even though you lost at the PPV Mikey! Now lets get onto some positive thinking for the week.

So the other weekend we went AH~cruisin’ for a night of multiple festivities. Not if you didn’t know (Y’AIN’T KNOW!) the Ryde villians like to move about on a Friday night something like a touring Rockband. So the night started innocently enough with my big brother Maphew Ah Chaaaa’s graduation, I believe from a course that involves fixing people:

You can't hate the smile, but he can probably break yours...

Onto the next! We went to CC C-townian’s Criselda Maneze for her b’day. For more info on c-town please refer here.


Charming! I must thank Miss Maneze though as that night produced one of the greatest photo montages I’ve seen in a long time:


Cameron + 1 cocktail, some wine and a couple CANS of Toohey’s New down = Edge. I love that guy. *you think you know me*

The moral of this story is that when you get a group that likes to tour Sydney City-side and show up to random events you should really film it then dub over it, because you’ll make millions and be able to afford those porcupines you’ve been saving for ^^

Things George Boothe likes/does

According to Facebook, on May 22 George liked Make a fist with your left hand, squeeze your left thumb, then put your right index finger down your…

New Music+Video Round-Up

Drake – Find Your Love

Fit For Rivals – Crash

Coolest Find

Sean Barton & OBLVN: Creation of a t-shirt

Ok kids I’m out to do some more wonderful sadistic things to innocent folk. Before I go though final video from me.

‘Cos she’s HAAAAWWWTTT!!!

So ’till next time BURRRR!

One thought on “T(N)asty Bites = NO MORE!

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