Stinging in the rain

I assume that after Leese has done the introductions I can proceed into a rant that dives head first into the fuck-styx of blatancy:


Detective work: from the direction of the piercing incision made on the inner round of the tyre, myself, automotive pioneer Gabriel “Make Money Money! Make Money Money!” Gutnik & Red Sun’s team leader Kerry “V-Tech” Tang were able to deduce that douchery had occurred unto my front right wheel. Simple physics and logistics ladies and gentleman.

So a shit-ball odyssey unfolded of replacing the tyre in the rain ensued. There was blood, rubber and semen involved. But rather than  tell you a story I shall let the following images speak for us all:

Things start innocently enough...
Sexy Gabe with the assist!
Off with the old, on with the new.
Fixed! So order was restored, or so it seemed...
The shankers return!

And so me and Gabe made a very special call and before we all knew it Hell broke loose…

The End.

So that’s my post folks. I’ll be hitting you up with something more structured in the very near future but this was a one off where it felt only right to tell an amazing story. Still tippin’ for all my SD buddies involved in this, we will all smell the freedom outside of these walls soon!

Oh before I go be quiet ‘cos Ock got something to say:

"Watch out for botox!"

Peace in the East! xo

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