What we couldn’t give a f%#! about

If you’re looking for another blog written by a bored uni student with half an arts degree and way too much time (and most likely semen) on their hands with a love for big words and a pretentious blogging alter ego then head to shoKkblog, the author of aforementioned blog satisfies 90% of these critera (he actually does design- nah kidding man- your site is mad, but the primary aim of this shiz is to diss on my close circle of friends and general unsuspecting people…as well as allowing mickey D to flog shit without the help of Ebay).

Michael Yee as Mickey D

Mickey D

Lisa McLean as Lessey/niggatreats/ERLL/turdnurgler


Special Guests such as Vencelle Pamonag as Juan (pronounced “John” our filipino lady boy)


Over the next few posts we will lead you on a fantastical Journey from your computer to the far away land of east Ryde- where even the pensioners Toyota corolla’s sport only the fattest rims…

What we couldn’t give a f%#! about

1) what the hell does SLR stand for anyway?….the pictures posted here are taken using a camera so old it still uses AA batteries- you say chatt, I say old school

2) Just cos we’ve started a blog we promise to never suddenly feel the need to use words such as ‘fantastic’ and ‘magical’ to describe the latest movies- here it’s chatt or sick or a variation of the above used to emphasise the extremes of such methods of ratings (e.g mad chatt or heaps sick-) NB: gay could mean chatt or sick, and ‘chatter than your mum means you can’t get gayer than that)

3) f%#! posting everyday- I’d rather masturbate

Something you should definitely give a f%#! about:

1) the shoKk blog


3) Ryan October

Retard moment of the day:

“Man, you and Cameron could be like Barney and Marshall Stinson”

Let’s go to Juan on this one. Juan?

that's an affirmative

So until next time- your mum’s chatt- but I’d still go er’. Get a dog up ya!

5 thoughts on “What we couldn’t give a f%#! about

  1. Yeah just a few things, and not necessarily in the chronology of your post. Firstly, why are Barney AND Marshall’s last names both Stinson? And second, did Lisa ACTUALLY write this because it seems a lot like something that Michael would say on Lisa’s behalf. Finally, I’m kinda embarrassed to know you guys now, I mean it’s one thing doing and saying ignorant shit, but it’s another showing the world how stupid you are.

    I’m gonna officially be this blogs first hater. Unless you smarten up your act.

    Rating: 0/10 MAD chat

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