G I R L ‘ s, Paris & Pharrell

  Managed to check out Galerie Perrotin over the summer (flip-side hemispheres) with partial members le Stoops Gang. This happened to line up nicely with the run of Pharrell William's thematically curated art show, aptly titled "G I R L" — after his second official studio album which dropped earlier this year. A lot of … Continue reading G I R L ‘ s, Paris & Pharrell

Food Run: We Found Love

I'm acquainted with gammon steak and black pudding *PAUSE*. I know the bagel shop very well, and bubble 'n' squeak is not a shoe shine product.London, England has been the forefront for Asian immigration to its shores since the early 1800s, with an increase in coastal cruisers post the independence of India from British rule. It's … Continue reading Food Run: We Found Love